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Sebastiaan de Boorder has worked in the hospitality field all over the world.

In 2019 he found The Aztec Motel and he never looked back. Sebastiaan grew up in the Netherlands. He studied Hospitality Management in Sydney, Australia. His vision for The Aztec Motel was clear from the start; a property that combines quirky nostalgia with the kind of high standard quality that big brand motels provide.

Anna Marie Gonzalez came into the The Aztec Motel after years of vacation rental and event management experience from all across the globe. As an Arizona native, she jumped at the chance to return to her home state. Anna enjoyed merging art and music into The Aztec Motel property. She also spends time working towards the improvement and continued preservation of the many historic highways across the United States.


Ms. Frankie Chica Cheekers is a free loader. She enjoys belonging to no one and does whatever she wants. She has many beds and food bowls around the neighborhood. She is very loved by the community. Frankie can often be found in the lobby of The Aztec Motel lounging in the green chair, doing absolutely nothing.

ChiChi Gonzalez serves as the Head of Security at The Aztec Motel. Along with providing audible alarms, she also oversees "surveillance" beyond anything that a Ring camera can do.

Chi Chi prides herself on the fact that she is an actual person and not just a "dog".

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